Healthcare insurance for au pairs in Germany

Healthcare insurance for au pairs in Germany

If you plan to reside in Germany for any duration or purpose, health insurance is mandatory due to the strict healthcare regulations in the country. Germany boasts one of the world’s finest healthcare systems, ensuring its citizens have access to a wide range of medical services without financial concerns. Au pairs in Germany are not allowed to enrol in statutory health insurance plans. Instead, they must obtain private health insurance coverage during their stay. Various factors, such as the au pair’s nationality, length of stay, and the terms of their contract with the host family, determine their insurance requirements. In this article, you will get to know about Healthcare insurance for au pairs in Germany.

German Au Pair Health Insurance for EU Citizens

    • EU and EEA member state au pairs have different regulations in Germany compared to those from non-EU countries.
    • They can apply for the European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) in their home country before coming to Germany, which grants access to German healthcare services.
    • It’s important to confirm the extent of EHIC coverage in Germany with their health insurance provider.
    • Au pairs should thoroughly understand the services and coverage provided by their EHIC to avoid unexpected medical expenses in Germany, as healthcare services vary between countries.
    • While EU au pairs can use their EHIC in Germany, it doesn’t cover private medical services, so considering German health insurance providers may be a better option.

German au pair health insurance for non-EU nationals

    • Non-EU travellers visiting Germany cannot obtain the European Health Insurance Card available to EU nationals.
    • This means they cannot rely on their home country’s insurance coverage upon arrival in Germany.
    • The only option for non-EU travellers is to enrol with one of Germany’s many private health insurance providers.
    • Proof of confirmation of health insurance is required by the German Embassy to obtain a German AuPair visa.

Why Is Insurance Protection Necessary for an Au Pair Stay?

    • Health insurance is essential in Germany due to the unpredictability of events in a foreign country.
    • Recommended au pair insurance coverage includes travel liability, travel accident, and travel health insurance.
    • The German host family is responsible for arranging and paying the premiums for insurance.
    • Specialized and affordable au pair health insurance options like AU-PAIR24 and PROTRIP-WORLD are available.
    • AU-PAIR24 provides au pair liability insurance for personal and au pair-related activities, with the host family required to sign the contract.
    • PROTRIP-WORLD offers insurance packages for au pairs, students, and travellers working or studying abroad, and can be chosen by either the individual or their host family.

What are the Advantages of Health Insurance for Au Pairs?

    • EU nationals in Germany for a short duration can use the European Health Insurance Card for basic healthcare services, similar to German citizens with public insurance.
    • The card covers state-provided aid but does not include long-stay or temporary immigrant coverage.
    • EU citizens can opt for private health insurance for more comprehensive and personalized care.
    • Germany offers several affordable private health insurance plans tailored for au pairs.
    • Consider contacting and registering with companies like AU-PAIR24 and PROTRIP-WORLD for au pair insurance.
    • All-round protection packages are available, combining health insurance with additional coverage options.

Health insurance is easily obtained, but you can also get an “all-round” protection package that includes:

    • Health Insurance Abroad
    • Travel Accident Protection
    • Travel Insurance with Liability
    • Travel Insurance Baggage
    • Insurance for Crisis Assistance

However, keep in mind that you must verify that the health insurance you’re buying includes all of the treatments you require.

How to Apply for German Health Insurance for an Au Pair

These days, the process of applying for AuPair health insurance is very straightforward. Most Aupair insurance companies accept online applications that may be finished in just a few simple steps:

    1. Go to PROTRIP-WORLD or AU-PAIR24.
    2. Decide where you’ll go on vacation.
    3. Select between policies with and without deductibles.
    4. Select either supplemental insurance or health insurance.
    5. length of the journey
    6. Personal information
    7. The means of payment
    8. Examine your entries.
    9. Application confirmation

Your insurance certificate will be sent to the email address you supplied as soon as your data is submitted.

In conclusion, healthcare insurance for au pairs in Germany is vital for both EU nationals and non-EU travellers. While the European Health Insurance Card suits short stays, private insurance plans like AU-PAIR24 and PROTRIP-WORLD provide comprehensive coverage, ensuring au pairs have the necessary protection during their time in Germany.

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