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Everything You Need to Know About Germany’s Oktoberfest 2023

Everything You Need to Know About Germany’s Oktoberfest 2023

Germany’s renowned Oktoberfest is just around the corner, set to kick off on Saturday, September 16th. With around six million visitors expected to attend Europe’s largest folk festival, it’s essential to be well-prepared. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll cover everything you need to know about Oktoberfest 2023, from the cost of beer to the festival’s environmental initiatives and more.

  1. Cost of Beer at Oktoberfest:

      • The price of a litre of beer ranges from €12.60 to €14.90, with an average of €14.18.
      • Despite the complaints about the cost, this year’s price increase is in line with Germany’s general inflation rate.
      • Tap water will be provided for free, offering a cost-effective alternative for festivalgoers.

  2. Dress Code and Attire:

      • While traditional Bavarian attire like Dirndl and Lederhosen is popular, there are no strict dress code requirements.
      • Guests often get creative with their attire, including kilts, drag queen outfits, and more.
      • Traditional costumes have made a comeback, thanks to local efforts.

  3. Reserving a Seat in the Beer Tent:

      • Reserving a seat in advance is the safest option, but most reserved spots are already taken.
      • Arriving early, especially on a Tuesday, can help you secure a good seat.
      • Some tables may still be available through online platforms, although this practice isn’t universally supported.

  4. Festival Attractions:

      • Oktoberfest boasts a wide array of attractions, including legendary rides like the Olympia looping roller coaster and the Ferris wheel.
      • A new addition for 2023 is “Mr. Gravity,” a thrilling ride with rotating gondolas.
      • Traditional attractions like the Toboggan slide and the Varieté Schichtl’s beheading act continue to entertain.

  5. Virtual Oktoberfest Experience:

      • While you have to attend in person to fully experience Oktoberfest, an online game is in development to offer a virtual tour.
      • The festival organizers emphasize that attending in person carries a lower risk of Covid-19 compared to previous pandemic years.

  6. Environmental Initiatives:

      • Oktoberfest tent hosts aim to make the festival climate-neutral within five years.
      • Sustainability efforts include the use of green electricity, recycling of beer mug flushing water, and waste reduction.
      • Organic and vegan food options are becoming more prevalent, promoting sustainability.

  7. Why Oktoberfest Starts in September:

      • Oktoberfest’s origins date back to 1810 when it celebrated a royal wedding in mid-October.
      • Over time, the festival was moved to September due to more favorable weather conditions.

  8. Oktoberfest Worldwide:

      • Oktoberfest has inspired over 2,000 imitator festivals worldwide.
      • Notable Oktoberfest celebrations occur in Blumenau (Brazil), Cincinnati (USA), and Qingdao (China).
      • Many German cities, including Frankfurt, Hanover, and Leipzig, host Munich-style Oktoberfest events.

As Oktoberfest 2023 approaches, this guide provides valuable insights into Germany’s most famous folk festival. From the cost of beer and dress code flexibility to sustainability efforts and the festival’s global influence, you’re now well-prepared to enjoy this iconic event to the fullest. Prost!

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