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Changes in Germany in March 2023

Changes in Germany: March 2023

Many changes in Germany are to occur this march. Quite a few of them are relevant for foreigners living in Germany.

Energy Price Cap

The energy price cap of the new 200-billion-euro relief package will come into effect this month. 

The price cap covers 80% of individual energy consumption, calculated as per last year’s consumption. The rate is 12 cents per kilowatt hour (kWh), and any consumption over 80% consumption will be billable as per market rates. The difference between the cap price and the prices paid by gas importers will be covered by the state. The price cap will be automatically taken off the bills.

The package came into being due to the energy costs of the war in Ukraine. Prices are increasing because of the EU’s plan to boycott Russia’s gas capital. 

The price cap, by current projections, is to last until April 2024.

Applications for €200 Student Payments

Students in German universities can apply for the €200 energy relief payments from 15 March. All students who enrolled on 1 December 2022 are qualified for the payment. 

The payment date is not yet, but the government said it would happen in early 2023. Read about this in detail. Workers Do not Need to Wear Masks

After the German government decided to end the requirement for FFP2 masks on public transportation last month, masks won’t be necessary for staff members working in doctors’ offices, hospitals, or nursing homes. From March 1, the new rule will be in effect.

Deutsche Post Strikes Continue

The strikes and contract discussions between Deutsche Post employees and employers are ongoing. It will affect anyone who wants to exchange any important mail. Workers at Deutsche Post have been on strike since February in demand of an inflation-related pay raise of 15%.

The German labor union Ver.di & Deutsche Post AG are still at odds. The protesting union members will most likely vote to continue protests on 8 March. We will know the outcome on the 9th. Regardless of the decision, some postal disruptions must be expected & considered. 

Insurance signs for Two-wheelers

As of March 1st, mopeds and electric scooters in Germany have to sport a black sign proving insurance. Vehicle insurance firms sell these signs, which change color annually to easily identify expired registrations.

Climate-Friendly New Build

The state-owned bank KfW runs a finance initiative called Climate Friendly New Construction. Starting this month, the bank will provide financing to potential homeowners- who are either building or purchasing a new house.

The residences must adhere to stringent sustainability requirements, such as not using fossil fuels for heating and having an EH 40 energy efficiency rating, in order to qualify for the loan.

Daylight Savings Time

Germany’s clocks will advance on Sunday, 26 March. The weekend will be one hour shorter when the clocks advance at 2 a.m., but shortly, Germany’s outdoor lifestyle will resume thanks to the everyday sunshine.

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