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2 German states abolish mandatory Covid-19 isolation

2 German states abolish mandatory Covid-19 isolation

From this Wednesday, Nov 16, onward, 2 German states abolish their mandatory Covid-19 isolation rule. People with coronavirus infections in the states of Bavaria and Baden-Württemberg are no longer required to isolate at home. They are free to roam around in public but are prohibited from entering hospitals or nursing homes for five days and must wear a mask during that time.

2 German states abolish mandatory Covid-19 isolation
2 German states abolish mandatory Covid-19 isolation

Manne Lucha, Baden-Württemberg health minister, advised anyone who is unwell and exhibiting symptoms to stay at home and obtain a sick note from their doctor, as usual. Similar regulations have been announced by Hesse and Schleswig-Holstein.

The required isolation of people who tested positive will be replaced with protective measures, according to CSU-affiliated health minister Klaus Holetschek in Bavaria on Tuesday.
Infected patients will also be compelled to wear masks outside of their own houses for five days in the adjacent state of Baden-Württemberg, the Stuttgart Ministry of Health stated on Tuesday.

Rules for school

  • A clear description of what “sick” or “contagious” meant was also demanded by representatives of the Bavarian teachers’ organizations.
  • Munich’s ministries of health and education earlier said that “anyone who is unwell does not attend school.

The removal of the isolation requirement, in contrast, was hailed by the Bavarian Economic Advisory Council as “the correct measure at the appropriate time.”

Hesse didn’t specify the precise day the rules will change. The mask-wearing restriction will no longer apply to public transport in Schleswig-Holstein, starting in January, according to a separate announcement.

According to the Robert Koch Institute, Bavaria had a 7-day incidence of 140 cases per 100,000 persons. While Baden-Württemberg had a 7-day incidence of 157. The weekly incidence is 204 over all of Germany.

While the current corona waves appear to be subsiding. There are increasing numbers of corona fatalities as seen by the daily number of new infections declining. 1,053 covid-19 patients died in Germany last week alone. And the week still hasn’t ended.

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